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8 great moves to stay active at your desk job

Everyone needs to stay active and get moving during the day! Most of us have desk jobs... I know I do. Movement is an essential part of life, so let's talk.

It's hard to admit... But sitting at the desk all day can lead to obesity, back pain, and even heart disease. While regular movement can increase productivity, mental focus, and job satisfaction. GOOD NEWS! There are soooo many ways to stay active even during your workday. So, here's a few tips:

  1. Find reasons to get up out of your chair. Go to the "bathroom." Ask a co-worker a question.

  2. Park further away. Like, in the back corner of the parking lot... or whatever is further.

  3. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Get those extra steps in!

  4. Stay hydrated. You have to WALK away from your desk allll the way to the water fountain... right?

  5. Get a stand-up desk. I love mine! It helps improve posture and circulation, which alleviates aches from sitting all day.

  6. Do stretches at your desk. Your co-worker may blink an eye at you. But you go for subtle moves, such as, should raises, neck stretches, leg raises... or go full aerobics! They may want to join you.

  7. Workout during lunch time. Find a close venue. Do some lunges, squats, or pushup outside. Walk around the parking lot.

  8. Sit on an exercise ball as a chair. This will help engage you abs and back muscles, while maintaining good posture.

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